Creating Buzz for Your Book

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Your book won’t sell itself but you can help make it more enticing to readers and help push it out into the world by creating buzz for it. In today’s book market, it’s hard to sell books. You have to put work into marketing and selling. The work does not stop after you’re done writing your book, unfortunately. Thankfully, the best and most effective ways to build that buzz is free.

Garnering as many reviews as you can is one of the best ways to build momentum for your book, especially before it’s published. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask people who’ve read your book if they can submit a review, no matter how short it is. Just remember the golden rule: don’t be annoying and drive your readers to give you bad reviews because you wouldn’t stop bugging them. A few positive reviews is way better than many bad ones.

Once you’ve tried your hand at gaining as many reviews as you can, consider submitting your book for an award. Winning awards opens up a whole new world in terms of marketing and giving you publicity you might not have received otherwise. Not to mention, granting you bragging rights. Even if you don’t win in these competitions, you will still receive benefits such as constructive criticism on how to improve your book, and giving you new eyeballs on your book. It’s a win/win!

Another great way to promote your book: position yourself as an expert on the subject matter. Take our recently published book “The Ultimate Guide to College Safety” for example. The author, Pete Canavan, has studied self defense training and has worked in campus security. Using that experience, he’s positioned himself into an expert on potential college security risks and that has paid off as most of his book’s reviews mention how great his first hand experience is. Use your own experience to your advantage as well.

By promoting yourself as an authority on the topic, you will better appeal as a possibility for an interview, whether it be on radio, podcast, magazine, talk shows, or what-have-you. You will improve your odds of landing one of these media sources and expand your reach to an audience that might not have heard of you otherwise.

Marketing is a crafty topic where you’re going to have to be as creative as you can. These are not the only ways to promote yourself, you may perhaps stumble upon more effective ways in your pursuits. Read more effective tips on building book buzz at Digital Book World.