Key Elements That Needs to be on Your Author Website

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Well before your book’s publication date, you should have your author website up and running, letting people know of your upcoming book, when they can purchase it, and a link to where they can preorder it if you have one. You want your website to be the hub where you can direct people to go to where they can find out more about you, your branding, and what you’re trying to sell.

Your website needs to be the center of your online presence with all of your social media pointing back to it and in turn you can link to everywhere else.

Do you have a twitter where your fans can follow you? Link it! Do you have a facebook group where readers can discuss you and your book? Link it! Are you the focus of an interview or an article? Link it! You see the picture.

Your homepage should be customized to reflect who the audience you are trying to reach is and the message you are trying to convey. You need it to be clear what your identity as an author is.

Another key thing to have on your website is a button that links to an email list sign up form so visitors can sign up to receive your emails. Building your email list in an incredibly powerful sales tool for authors, once you have a list built up, you can advertise your books to interested parties instantly with just a click of a button. Plus you can do it for free using Mail Chimp. If you haven’t starting building your email list yet, you should definitely consider doing so.

One thing that definitely cannot be stressed enough is that you should have your website ready to go way before your book is to be published, perhaps even while you’re still writing it. It’s an invaluable marketing tool– when used correctly so make sure you do everything right.

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