Reinvigorating Your Book Marketing

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Maintaining your momentum and your enthusiasm for your book’s marketing can be hard as you proceed with it but not get the results you’re expecting. Everyone and their mother says the key to success, in anything really, is persistence. It’s hard to keep having to force yourself to keep at it, but the only way to fail 100% with marketing and not see any results at all is to stop trying altogether.

Most authors find the best way to work through this is to refresh yourself by changing the way you think. Getting different gears in your mind working can help you see new ideas through new perspectives, perhaps in ways you would’ve never though of before.

The most important thing is to keep going. It’s never too early or too late to promote your book and you never know which marketing effort you try will appeal to the right person who can potentially boost your message exponentially and change the way you play the game.

Don’t worry about what your book sales are currently. Just remember it’s only a drop in the bucket to what the actual sales potential of your book is if you keep up your promoting.

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