Tips on Marketing Your Books… In Person

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The major buzz in book marketing circles is how to marketing your books on the internet, whether via social media, by building your own website, or even blogging about it! Well… why not? The internet is an incredibly powerful tool that magnifies the scope of your marketing efforts (when used the right way), and can exponentially multiple the number of how much goes into your wallet. Therefore, it’s crucial you take full advantage of it considering selling books in person isn’t as effective anymore. However, there are some overlooked ways of promoting your books in person that can be quite effective for your bottom line.

Public speaking: a powerful way to connect with potential readers. Through creating a powerful presentation, you have the potential to impact your audience meaningfully and build strong connections in one shot. It can take a lot of work (as well as getting over any fears or hesitation you may have!), but the benefits are well worth the effort. Many author even see most of their income coming from their public speaking efforts so it’s definitely worth a try.

Podcasting: not just a fringe hobby. Podcasts are becoming a great way to promote anything these days as more and more programs are getting popular. Podcasting in general is becoming more mainstream as there are many for any subject you can think of. Though technically not something you can quite do “in person”, you can connect easily with your target audience by doing research into which podcasts they would be most interested in. You don’t have to start up an entire podcast on your own, you can find podcasts on those topics and contact the host about the possibility of being a guest on it.

Networking: not just useful if you’re looking for a job! A simple concept but often overlooked. You never know what opportunities may pass you by if you don’t network with the members of your industry. Perhaps they happen to excel at something you’re bad at, for example, using Twitter, and they have plenty of connections that could help you out, and you fare better with Facebook. The two of you could swap your connections and tips and help each other out. Ideally, you’d build a community around yourself that ends up being an endless cycle of help and sharing.

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