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and Beyond

Why Union Square Publishing

We focus on making publishing a partnership. Through collaboration and a team approach publishing is made easier and more profitable while providing business skill and global reach.  

We combine industry-best experience with business creativity and expertise, then collaborate to help realize the possibilities you created from the first moment you set pen to paper.  

Choose Union Square Publishing to help you achieve the goal of publishing your book; then work with us to leverage your strengths, identify ways to rapidly scale the business beyond the book, and generate success from your passion.


1. Non-fiction

Literature based in fact, including biographies, autobiographies, business, cooking, health and
fitness, pets, crafts, home decorating, languages, travel, home improvement, religion, art and music, history, educational, self-help, true-crime, science, humor and more.

2. Self-Help

Literature for those that focus on personal development, business development, conscious or alternative spirituality, body-mind-spirit, self-help and more.



3. Fiction

Literature created from the imagination such as, mysteries, science fiction, romance, action, fantasy, children's, chick lit, crime thrillers and more.

4. Faith

Literature that provides spiritual inspiration to the reader. This includes inspirational writings, higher power, overcoming adversity, books that uplift, morals, values, life-lessons, unconventional viewpoints and more.



Authors that want a publisher with firsthand experience of traditional publishing, fused with the latest technologies and results.



Authors become part of our Algorithms for Success trademarked Ecosystem which establishes the best future for the author and title.



The team has a combined 80 years of experience in the publishing industry, having published more than 1,400 authors since 2008.


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