If You Build Better Metadata, Readers Will Come

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Metadata: the science behind selling books. No really, metadata is the nitty gritty details that are behind your book, make up your book, and frankly, stamped on your book’s cover. It’s the data that helps readers find and discover your book, for example, the title, the author, the genre, the themes, et cetera. It’s something that may be hard to understand at first, but once properly utilized and harnessed, it can become a powerful tool to bring in much attention to your work.

The problem is that it isn’t treated as it should be. Many don’t understand its usefulness, or undermine it altogether. Publishers are taking great efforts lately to experiment with new trends, testing just how far metadata can take them. As we find out more and more about metadata’s potential, one thing is certain: it is a huge aspect in publishing that should not go ignored.

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